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  1. Exterior paint used indoor for a window sill

    Hi everyone! I was painting my mailbox post outside and had a bucket of Valspar season flex exterior paint left. Without thinking, I brushed it to my interior window sill board. I had a new window sill installed which is wood. After I did the first layer, I realized that I should not use...
  2. Aquaponic - indoor system

    Green Home Improvement
    Hi! How are you? I am coming to you with a little problem that I am dealing with. A few weeks ago when I was surfing the Internet I found some photos of aquaponic system. It was to bought on ebay but I decided to do it on my own. And here the problem begin, cause I don't know what to start with...
  3. Indoor wall floor joint repair

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Need some ideas about filling those gaps (the ones stuffed with white shopping bags right now) as these are leaking cold air into the room (1st pic). And caulk/seal rest of the joint (2nd pic). I can do backer rods and then a polyurethane based concrete sealant/foam for those gaps and use the...
  4. Remove junction box and replace with outlet

    Hello there electricial-type people. I have decided to remove all of the old flourecent lighting that barely worked and install a Big Ass light fixture instead. The four ceiling-mounted fixtures were all run in series from this junction box (which appears to have been a single light bulb...
  5. climate controlled plant growing box (not for drugs)

    After watching some YouTube videos i had an idea. I live in a condo with little to no room in my "backyard" but i am somewhat of a green thumb, my idea is to build a plexi glass box and have it be able to simulate different climates to grow different plants not native to my climate area. to...
  6. Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Adhesive

    We're trying to spruce up our unfinished basement into a respectable man cave for my husband. We're going to use 6'x9' indoor carpets on the wood subfloor (no cement). The room will be used for his pool table & poker table. I'm thinking I should adhere the carpets to the floor to minimize...
  7. lighting indoor swimming pool

    VA res Code and IRC required luminaries no closer than 5 ft from highest water level, and no closer thatn 5ft from inner pool wall. What are my options for lighting over the pool area in this scenario? I have an 18ft by 13 ft basement and daughter with arthritis and want to put in therapy pool...