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  1. Roofing/Siding
    Hi All I need to replace my roof(2300 sqft roof area). A contractor gave me a quote of 13500USD for IKO Cambridge shingles and 14500 USD for CertainTeed Landmark shingles. I am unable to decide if the price is quoted right and the which shingles to consider. Please help. location: California...
  2. Roofing/Siding
    :eek: Building a new home and builder gave us a sample board for IKO cambridge shingles. Read initial horror stories about this brand and few that said that this line is an improved line. Other option was Tamko heritage. These also get mixed reviews. He told me that I could upgrade to...
  3. Roofing/Siding
    I live in the Pacific NW and need a new roof. Does anyone have any information or advice on PABCO shingles? I've read consistently bad things about IKO shingles and on another site PABCO was said to be as bad as IKO. Also opinions on Malarkey shingles?
  4. Roofing/Siding
    Recent windstorms have us replacing our roof, which is no big deal. I was offered IKO shingles, and said absolutely not. My home in northern Michigan, and relatively gentle climate, had IKO shingles, brand new, when I bought the home. I didn't like the ventilation, so added 7 roof vents...
1-4 of 4 Results