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  1. Where do I look on The Chatroom?

    Building & Construction
    I have been building out a space adding a master bath with closet and using a previously wasted back room space. however in the process I have made an open concept in an L shape. Where would I look on the forum for kitchen/house building layout or does anyone have any other resources I can...
  2. Why I Joined this forum

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! Recently I have become fascinated with DIY projects in the arias of building electronic gadgets, as well as building shelters. Though in the long term it is more expensive to build things yourself, sometimes it is needed. the two projects that I have been admittedly obsessing over. one is...
  3. Need Help - Ideas for very Small bathroom

    General DIY Discussions
    I have an extremely small bathroom and I need ideas on how to go about making the most of the space. Any thoughts?
  4. What to put on the back of kitchen cabinets????? HELP!

    I just put in new kitchen cabinets and I have base cabinets that come out like a peninsula so they are not up against anything, now what do I put on the back of them? I have looked all over the internet and can not find any kind of answer I bought the side pieces to put on the back but it's...
  5. Need help with existing built-ins

    Hello! First time poster :) After gutting our house to the studs in 3/4 of the rooms, and getting many nasty expensive surprises in the process, I'm looking to do something relatively simple with the built-ins in the office/guest room. It took me seemingly forever to strip the paint, repaint...
  6. How to DYI change this roof ?

    We want to change the back verandah to a sealed-in extension. The problem is the roof. How do we change this roof and make it look good, have it sealed, with all the gutters working and seal in the room? We don't want to use a box guttering because of the associated problems and we would like...