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  1. Best Spray Foam Brand (Open Cell)

    Is there a best spray foam brand to use? I have done bunches of research and they all appear to have risks. We are building a new house and aren't sure which to go with. Sooooo confused!!! Have to make decision this week. Thanks in advance for any advice! Demilec APX, Icynene, Certainteed...
  2. Icynene on floor of attic-good idea or bad

    Building & Construction
    I had a few leaks in the roof in the past year. The roof is now fixed (for the first time in 60 yrs the roof has 5 roof vents), so now the question is the attic insulation. The house is a 60 yr old brick bungalow. I am told by some contractors that I have to remove the old insulation in the...
  3. Tight home needs a range hood

    My new home is being built very 'tight'; icynene and everything sealed up. The HVAC has been engineered with this in mind, and a 3rd party inspector is checking it all out. With that in mind, I need to ask for help in choosing a range hood. We'll have LP and a 30" range. We are average cooks...