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  1. Pump on Icemaker

    I am looking at a new icemaker for my home. I see that some units have a pump and some say "gravity." What is the difference. Also, how do I discover which type I have now. Thanks.
  2. connecting icemaker line to water supply

    Hi. This is my first post. I've been successful in many plumbing projects, however, I have a few questions with hooking up this ice maker for the first time. Please see picture attachment. There is a strange looking shut off valve located at the base board behind refrig. It has 3 openings...
  3. fridge ice maker water supply

    Used to work fine but recently the ice maker is barely making ice. We've troubleshot it to the point of checking the integrity of the water supply hose (goes into wall/has shut off valve) and there are no leaks, and it is on, but if you press the chilled water dispenser on front, little to none...
  4. Ice maker problems

    I'm having a problem with the ice maker in my Kicthen aid refrigerator. The water does not refill the tray after it cycles. I've jumped test points V to L and the water does dispense into the tray as long as the jumper is connected. I have replaced the ice maker with a new unit and still have...
  5. GE icemaker - getting real small cubes

    I have a GE Profile Refrig with Bottom Freezer, Model PFCS1NFXBSS, with an icemaker in the Freezer. It's 1.5 years old. A couple of months ago it stopped making ice. We found that there was ice clogging the filler tube & tray that it feeds in back of the freezer. I was able to take off the...
  6. G.E. Refrigerator Icemaker Does Not Work

    I have a G.E. Refrigerator, Model#GSS22WGPC and the Ice Maker recently stopped working. There is no ice in the tray and no water in the tray. As far as I know, it does not have a Eye Beam or wire handle. Per the manual, it has a feeler arm that when ice is produce and reaches to the level of the...
  7. Whirlpool Fridge Ice Maker just quit

    Hi! I have a Whirlpool Gold Side-by-Side Refrigerator, model GD2SHAXKQ02. The ice-maker is now making trouble instead of ice. :( It looks like the ice-maker eject levers are working (they are spinning slowly), but there is no water coming into the ice-maker unit. The water dispenser on the...
  8. My water line install to icemaker

    I did some googling yesterday and couldn't find any information on installing a water line to my new fridge except for using the piercing valve thing or cutting and installing a new valve. I consider myself too much of a novice to go cutting pipes and installing valves the way a real plumber...
  9. Icemaker Proplems

    I Have A Fridgeair And The Icemaker Has Stopped Working. I Can Still Get Water To Drink Though. Anyone Have An Idea What Could Be Wrong? Please Help!!