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ice dispenser

  1. Jenn-Air side by side ice and water dispenser

    Hi I'm having problems with jenn air fridge side by side model 1. ice dispenser door not closing or opening properly and cause warm air to go into the ice cabin 2. water won't dispense more than one big drop of water What I did [LIST] - replaced the actuators - replaced the ice dispensing...
  2. Frigidaire refrigerator ice/water dispenser won't stop

    Hello - I have a Frigidaire side-by-side refrigerator (model #LGUS2642LFO) and recently the water/ice dispenser would delay turning off, but only for a couple seconds. Then, suddenly, neither would turn off when they were being used for 20-30 seconds - sometimes longer. So obviously we have...
  3. Frigidaire water ice dispenser problem

    I have a side by side frigidaire m# frs26h7cb0 the water and ice dispenser started to be intermitting as when you push the button to dispense they unit would appear to chatter on and off along with the lights that are on the front panel of the dispenser. Now the dispenser is dead. The rest of...
  4. Kenmore refridgerator icemaker wont stop dispensing ice

    I have a Kenmore refrigerator from 2001 model: 106.50522101. As soon as the freezer door closes, the ice dispenser starts dispensing ice. We disconnected the light switch in the freezer liner to kill the power to the freezer light and in door ice and water dispenser as a workaround. I...