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ice dams

  1. Snow covered roof vents

    Hi, I purchased a home that has a large low-pitch complex hip roof in central Minnesota. The shingles and vents are probably less than 5 years old. In winter, snow accumulates on my roof and can be 2 ft in some places. The last roofer used LPV or "turtle" style vents. There about 12 of them...
  2. Ice Dams

    So my attic is generally well insulated and the roof is well ventilated. Except there was a porch added on to the back portion of the house. This was then finished into a room and has since cut off all of the ventilation for that portion of the roof. Looking at the snow it is melting in this...
  3. The moving Ice Dams after using a roof rake ??

    The moving Ice Dams - after using a roof rake ?? Hi all, I'll try to be brief - but as you can see I failed ... - 18 year old house - never had any Ice dam before now. - Attic floor Well insulated (12"). - Soffit vents are in - but I'll add more just in case in near future. - Back side of...