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ice dam

  1. How to Insulate an un-finished attic and prevent Ice-Dams in a 1920s 2-family MA Home

    Hi everyone! I have a 1920s home with an unfinished attic here in snowey Massachusetts. The attic ceiling is un-insulated, with exposed rafters and an asphalt tile roof. I was warned about ice-dams and how improper insulation will lead to a destroyed roof. The attic space is currently openly...
  2. Roofing solution to fix ice damming?

    I live in the mountains of New Hampshire and we get a lot of snow. I have a setup on my roof where there are three sides that come together in the lee of the prevailing wind that gets piled with snow (maybe as much as four feet even with only a 12-inch snowfall.) I've got a roofing guy who is...
  3. help (ice dams)

    General DIY Discussions
    How prevalent are ice dams to you?
  4. "New" old house ice damns, roof leaks

    "New" old house ice dams, roof leaks Hello, This spring I purchased a small home built in 1946. (Basement, main floor, and attic that has been converted into a master bedroom with dormer.) During the inspection it was noted that there was evidence of water stains on the main floor tongue and...
  5. Price check? Snow Guard installation

    I've purchased SGC100 style snow guards (copper) for my 2 year old architectural shingled roof. Got a qualified contractor to come out and give me a price to install. There are 29 total going on the front of the house in two rows and 10 more on a section of roof in the back of the house (these...
  6. Continuous Soffit Vent Above Lower Roof Too Hot?

    Reading this: (Please see image in the subsequent message) ... has me wondering if a continuous soffit vent should NOT be installed in a soffit that is only a few feet above another roof section, like this... The house is in climate zone 5A and faces east. The small roof section under the...
  7. porch ceiling occasional ice dam leak

    Building & Construction
    I have a porch that was enclosed many years ago. It has original beadboard ceiling. I don't know if there is insulation up there unless I take out some of ceiling. Ok, every couple of years, I get a leak through the ceiling after we have heavy snow and then melt/freeze. Looking for wisdom on...
  8. Vented drip edge - starter vent

    We replaced our roof in '04 and the roofer elected to install Lomanco SV-10 starter vent, rather than penetrate the stucco soffit for venting. Now I need to replace the gutters. I'm concerned about snow build-up blocking air flow and water intrusion (I live in Columbus OH). What is the best...
  9. how to reduce/remove ice dam in gutters

    I am in Wash DC area which just got 40" of snow in last week and half. My gutter on north side of house (2 storied) unable to climb up to gutter, has ice in gutter, with large icicles hanging between gutter and facia board, some of which i can reach, others not. Also, on south side I have...