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  1. Unvented Crawlspace per ICC

    Building & Construction
    I'm in the middle of renovating a small (225 sq. ft) 3-season room up here at my home on Cape Cod. New windows, insulation, drywall, flooring... the works. Hoping it will eventually become a year-round room. Well, underneath this room is a 2-3' high crawlspace, where the rest of the house is a...
  2. Do I really need a 4" pipe for this island?

    I live in NY and we follow the 2010 ICC plumbing code. My question relates to the distance from an island sink to the stack vent, and which I plan on loop venting. On the attached diagram, the total length of the arrows between the sink and the vent stack is 16' (I need to move at right...