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  1. Please Help! Discovered large hole in main air return in the basement. Need options.

    I bought a house back in May 2017. House built in 1957. Forced air system. Great furnace, however I believe the duct work needs improvement. Case in point right here, I guess... I was messing around in the basement to see what was under the suspended ceiling tiles (...just for my own knowledge)...
  2. HVAC duct drip/ting noise

    General DIY Discussions
    Just moved into a our new house, originally build in the 1980's. The past few night we've noticed a drip like sound coming from the vent in our bedroom. It is consistent and happens through out the night. I also noticed it in the morning from the bathroom vent. Right now we are in winter and...
  3. Question On Return Air Line Insulation

    Hi, we just replaced 1972 home central HVAC systems we live in California and the contractor is supposed to seal and insulate our attic return line I noticed that they started the job but they were using Johns Manville 90006271 Microlite Standard Fiber Glass Duct Wrap Insulation with an R-value...
  4. Estimate cost of replacement AC duct

    I am trying to estimate the length of AC conduits in the ceilings of a house and the cost of replacement with exposed ducts. I *DO* understand that all houses are different, and room layout may change the estimate, but I hope that I can get into the ballpark. The house is built in 1968...
  5. T or Y ing off registers

    I have a recently installed geothermal system for my house. 1320 up and 1320 downstairs. In the basement there is only 2 vents and would like to increase it to 4. Every vent in the house is single ran into run for the system. The area I would like to T or y off are upstairs vents. In the...
  6. HVAC contractor wants to run 6" and 7" flex duct in attic

    My HVAC contractor wants to run 6" and 7" flex duct through the attic but I think I'd prefer to have regular box sheet metal as flex duct slow the motion of air. There are two floors, the attic pipes will serve the 2nd floor. each floor is about 900 sq ft and upstairs is 3 rooms. cca 1800 sq...
  7. Need help venting stove through attic

    Just did the demo on my kitchen in preparation for new cabinets to be installed soon. When I removed the old range hood, the entire duct fell through the ceiling and onto the floor. I'll be replacing it with an over-the-range microwave. I am having a hard time finding information online about...
  8. takeoff on underside of plenum?

    I'm installing a furnace and a/c coil horizontally in a crawlspace. The furnace is at one end of the house and a trunk line runs to the other end. All of the heat ducts on the furnace end need to be snaked somehow to the plenum. This means that the duct leaves the floor joist cavity and runs...
  9. Different temperature rooms ( flex ducting )

    My house was built in 2008 in the state of WA and it looks like they used flex ducts in the crawl and attic. I've noticed when my a/c is on the upstairs doesn't get as cool as the downstairs does also when the heat is on some of the upstairs ( back bed rooms ) doesn't get as warm as master...