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  1. My central AC unit tried to cycle on, popped, and turned off.

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    My central AC unit tried to cycle on, and immediately made a very loud pop and turned off. (I have an inside part and outside part to the AC unit) The inside part made the loud pop and the switch was flipped to off in it, and the breaker also flipped to off. I did open the inside box up. I...
  2. AC/Furnace not turning on

    Amana HVAC model number: AMH950703BXAC. Control board: PCB00109. Attempting to switch on the A/c for the first time this season, it wouldn't turn on, but the fan runs continuously as if it is stuck on. Only way to turn off the fan is to switch off the main switch. I have checked all the...
  3. Troubleshooting Damper Motors

    Hey guys, was hoping you can help me. To start my house has an electric furnace hot air with a York Air Conditioning system, two zones (upstairs and downstairs), and in each zone I have one motorized damper. The damper motors are Invensys (model 0483H0004FA00) and the control panel is a...
  4. HVAC - FAN wires - Where do I connect Black wire from FAN to HVAC electric board?!

    My YORK HVAC (Model #: B188060A06A; SN: NAGM00357) has a FAN Motor which comes with 4 wires: Black, Purple, Brown and Green. All wires are hooked on my AC, but the Black one. Where do I have to put this on? Here is the HVAC Electric Diagram...
  5. Rapid Blower Motor Cycling

    Hello, I'm new here, but I've been trying to find posts on a similar issue and I have not found any. Here's the scoop, both on heat and A/C settings my blower motor with cycle rapidly when it should just stay off. The thermostat is not commanding the blower motor to turn on but it rapidly...