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hvac air intake furnace

  1. Please Help! Discovered large hole in main air return in the basement. Need options.

    I bought a house back in May 2017. House built in 1957. Forced air system. Great furnace, however I believe the duct work needs improvement. Case in point right here, I guess... I was messing around in the basement to see what was under the suspended ceiling tiles (...just for my own knowledge)...
  2. ICP furnace model NTC6075FBA1 inducer problem

    The draft inducer on my furnace is not coming on. The switch clicks like it is telling the inducer motor to kick on, then the furnace ingnitor comes on and the furnace is heating. But the heated air is not going anywhere since the inducer isn’t coming on. Is it safe to say I need to replace the...
  3. HVAC air intact connected to Dormer Vent in roof

    I had a 20 year old Lennox HVAC replaced with a new Lennox condensor and HVAC. The condensor is outside and HVAC, a G60UH60C, installed horizontally in the attic. I had reason to be up in the attic checking for roof leaks and noticed that what appears to be a 6" flex duct runs from the inledt...
  4. Very dry air, but windows condensate & ice up.

    Building & Construction
    I will start with the humidity in my house is only 29%, so dry that it is uncomfortable for all of us. We built this house 10 yrs. ago and all the windows get condensation and thick ice on them every winter since day one. I am in Iowa and the temps here are usually 0 to 30 in the winter. It was...
  5. Furnace Air Intake Noise

    I have a single central air intake vent for the furnace (Goodman GMP050-3) which supplies my two-story townhouse. Unfortunately, this intake vent is located in my living room. Whenever the heater or AC is active, it sounds like a jet engine in the room. As per the pictures below, the furnace...
  6. Furnace installed. Intake from outside. DO i need it?

    I recently had a furnace installed. The salesman said he would have them put in an intake from the outside because there wasn't one. It's an 80% efficient furnace, older home, but the mechanical room is semi enclosed in its own room. When the salesman was selling me the unit, he said 'these...