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  1. Humidifer Power from Lennox Furnace

    My Aprilair 600m humidifier does not have its required 24V power. I have wired it as described on the Lennox SL280UHV furnace schematics (Humidifier to "C", other wire to HUM1 contact, HUM2 contact to "R"). I can not control humidity from my iConnect thermostat, but it does sense it. The best...
  2. Why is my furnace connected to my water heater?

    It's winter and my house is getting quite dry because of the hot air being blown in through my central air system. I did a little research on whole home humidifiers and am interested in potentially doing something like that in my home. However, I was taking a closer look at my furnace and hot...
  3. Where to install whole house humidifier, bypass duct, and humidistat

    where should I install the bypass duct and humidistat of a whole house humidifier if the humidifier is installed on the return line? I have the Honeywell Model # HE120A1010 Drum whole house humidifier. And I have 3 zones in the house.
  4. Replacing Honeywell Whole House Humidifier

    Just bought a house and to my delight there was already a Honeywell whole house humidifier installed (however doesn't work). The previous owners (lived here for 30 years), did not use it. I bought a brand new one which looks very similar...
  5. Installing Furnance Humdifier

    Building & Construction
    :confused1: I own a house built back in 1927. In the winter times, it is not as comfortable as we would like it to be. We have done everything possible to raise the comfort level. Although it has helped to increase the warmth in the house, it still is cool. I mean it is not warm evenly...
  6. Back flow on Humidifier Bypass

    I have installed an Aprilaire 500A humidifier. Everything works but I noticed the bypass duct gets hot even on the side where it connects into the return duct. Which I think is caused by back flow. Is this normal? Did I install it incorrectly? Also due to limitation I installed my controller...
  7. Gibson Furnace, IAQ and Skuttle humidifer connection

    I have a new home and recieved a Honeywell IAQ (YTH9421C1002) from a family member who works at Honeywell. The furnace installer did not know how to install the IAQ with the furnace so put his own thermostat on. The Gibson(Nordyne) furnace is a SC92 and has the following connections: R C Y G W...