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  1. Forming a Round Concrete Hot Tub

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi, my name is Jerry. I am new to the forum, and I hope to hear back from the bank of knowledge! I am a DIY'er so I can save as much money as possible. In this project, I want to build a round hot tub, 4 feet deep, by 7' in diameter. I want a bench inside to sit on. I have a photo from the...
  2. Spa GFCI in breaker box with disconnect near spa

    Hello, Thanks to the freezing weather I had to have a spa repairman out to work on the hot tub. The repairman said that the wiring to the spa does not meet code. While unusual, I can't find anything that indicates it does not. The spa was wired in 15 years ago. This was definitely the cheaper...
  3. Best Option for Hottub Support- advice please

    Building & Construction
    Hello! Boyfriend and I are still in the planning stage for what is a rather ambitious project. We would like to have a hot tub in our backyard. There is currently nowhere to put a hottub on the property as far as a foundation goes, one needs to be built. We rent our property. We don't want to...
  4. Adding support for new hot tub on an existing deck.

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I will be putting a 5200 pound (with water, people, etc.) hot tub on my existing 12’ by 30’ deck (circa 1990). It weighs more my truck. I know I need to reinforce the deck. I just wanted to run these initial thoughts past the group. Here are some specifics on the existing deck: The deck...
  5. outdoor hot tub won't heat to temp but hold a steady temp

    everything seems to be working on our hot tub, just paid 600 dollars to get it fixed. BUT the temp is reading correctly at 90 degrees, we have it set to 104 however it hasn't reached temp since we got it fixed. its holding the temp 90 degrees even though there is snow outside. not sure what is...
  6. Hot Tub & Bonding

    I have what I imagine is a very basic question, but I haven't been able to find reliable information & instruction. Installing a hottub, and have completed the wiring. 50a breaker in the main panel. 4 THHN 6awg wires (3+Ground) running to this GFCI load center. Wires are run in RNM conduit...
  7. Installing a Hottub/Jaccuzi help?

    Whatever you call em, I chose hot tub.. Anyways, Issues im having. 1. My circuit breaker panel is full, I've got a GE Powermark Gold load center, rated for 200A service. There's a couple things on here numbers wise, the Front cat no. TM32FCD, and the load cent enclosure cat no. TM3220CCU MOD 6...