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  1. Venting Wall Mounted Range Hood!

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi everyone, I will be tackling a new project this weekend which is venting a wall mounted range hood. I know that each install is unique to the manufacturer but has anyone done this before? 1. Can you vent this through the wall into a garage at a 90 degree angle at the top or does it...
  2. Range Hood ducting - down/side

    Hi Folks, I am replacing a downdraft range with a conventional and installing a hood. I'd like to avoid going through the roof if possible. My first thought is to 90 out of the hood through the wall and then 90 down and run the ducting down along the side of the house (which is covered porch...
  3. Overhead Microwave or hood exhaust

    The house we live in has an overhead microwave with exhaust built in. The exhaust is basically useless and I hate having a microwave oven my stove. My wife and I have been thinking about switching to a hood exhaust. I was looking for an opinion on whether you think the switch is worth it? If...
  4. Can I use an existing furnace vent for a propane grill?

    General DIY Discussions
    We recently closed on our first house, and I might have come up with a creative solution to living in Michigan with a wife addicted to grilled food. :whistling2: The garage used to have gas heating, as there is a thermostat, gas line, and roof venting for a furnace. The furnace is gone, but its...
  5. Head bumping on kitchen hood

    Our designer designed our kitchen with a range hood on a peninsula in the middle of the room; my concern is how convenient will it be for me to cook without bumping my head on it. I never had a hood before and this will be my first experience with one. What can I do to avoid this issue and what...
  6. Tight home needs a range hood

    My new home is being built very 'tight'; icynene and everything sealed up. The HVAC has been engineered with this in mind, and a 3rd party inspector is checking it all out. With that in mind, I need to ask for help in choosing a range hood. We'll have LP and a 30" range. We are average cooks...