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  1. Homeowner with experience considering to build without permit. Advice?

    Building & Construction
    My background: I owned a few houses where I did my own work: electrical, tile, granite, framing, plumbing. I know code. My work has been inspected by city for permits. Essentially I do everything other than foundation pour, which I had no opportunity till now. Current build: bought a cabin...
  2. Permit Needed To Do a New Roof?

    I just purchased a 6-family building in Brooklyn and I want to have my roof replaced (completely new). Do you know if a Permit is needed to do this? I don't plan on doing other work at the moment, just the roof. Your input would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Hello to all

    New Member Introductions
    Painting industry veteran and customer service visionary, I have spent 30 years in the paint and coating industry, working with some of the most widely known companies such as Benjamin Moore and Rust-Oleum. In 1980, I was the owner of T.L. Golibart & Co., a painting and remodeling company that...