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  1. Advice on opening many ceiling holes for recessed light in rock lath and plaster

    Drywall & Plaster
    Hi folks, Need people's advice on what's the best and economical way to open about 20 6" holes in my ceilings throughout the house to install recessed lights. My 1957 ranch house ceilings are made out of rock lath and plaster, I would guess 3/4" - 7/8" thickness. I have easy attic access and...
  2. humidex

    hey just bought a humidex. the cut needed in the joist is 6 1/4''. no where around here has that hole saw available, what can i use to make it larger, i used a 6' hole saw already, pls help, a snow storm is
  3. Confused with dumb prob....

    Ok... so this might be a really dumb question but its my question all the same so if you can help that would be awesome. I am having a mirror made for my bathroom remodel. I am having two four inch holes cut in it and plan to mount two sconce lights on it. The original plan was to hold mirror in...