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  1. HVAC
    I have a Bryant 340MAV furnace with a United Technologies HK42FZ009 control board. When the thermostat calls for heat, the blower comes on, but the burner doesn't and there is no heat. The inducer motor never comes on. The LED on the unit flashes steadily, but the AC polarity is correct. The...
  2. HVAC
    Hi, We had a thunderstorm and after that both of our ACs stopped working. Called a service guys, who says control board has gone bad. Thermostat seems to be calling right voltage. Since they are asking ~$900 for 2 board replacement, I am planning to do it myself. I have electrical educational...
  3. HVAC
    I recently noticed that my upstairs unit was not heating. I had a schedule service call schedule when the repairman came out he told me my transformer was bad. so he replaced it, but still nothing. He then told me my control board was shot (HK42FZ009). He did not have a board told me it...
1-3 of 3 Results