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high voltage

  1. Solar system with high voltage

    I have a SMA solar system with 3 inverters 18.3 kva. I have problem with high voltage at the house meter. The solar system has a separate meter but goes through the same transformer. The problem appears to be that in order for the solar inverters to push power to the grid they raise the...
  2. ITE Pushmatic Question

    I'm a new homeowner trying to get familiar with our electrical panel situation. It looks to me like we have 2 panels, and one of them is an I-T-E Pushmatic load center. However, it has a sticker on the front cover that says "Danger: Hazardous voltage will cause severe shock or burn. Turn off and...
  3. Transformer across Street, 256 Volts coming to house - NJ

    Our electric bill was over $500-$600 each winter month from December 2014-March 2015 and in February we looked into Solar to reduce our monthly electric bills. Yes EVERYTHING in the house is electric from baseboard heat in each room, stove, oven, hot water, AC. In January we had to replace our...
  4. Voltage too high for light sockets

    I removed a non-load-bearing wall and all went well. Next I needed to relocate the light switches. All 3 switches were on dimmers and operating correctly. I rewired everything, but now face the problem that only 1 of my 3 lights is working properly. Two of them appear like they are getting too...
  5. Outlet measures 140 volts

    I've got an outlet which was covered up with a blank face plate, it's in the perfect spot to feed power to my new kegerator so I wanted to install an outlet in it. I turned off all of the circuits in the house, hooked up a voltmeter set to AC and then one-by-one found which circuit breaker...
  6. High Voltage! Need a 50-75 kv Transformer

    Hello all. I am new here, but I really wanted some advice regarding where I can procure a high voltage transformer relatively cheap/free (e.g. please tell me what kind of devices would normally have such high voltages on them so I can raid my university junk-piles to possibly find one). I need...