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  1. Electrical
    Lighting blew out a transformer and the power company quickly replaced it. Century Link modem out along with the hardline telephone. Century link replaced the modem and set up a phone line from their outside box. They told me that it had to be the phone wire in the house and I had to fix it...
  2. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hey I started tearing apart my bathroom...and have a pretty solid idea of where I want this project to go...but definitely need some advice.'s the basic idea and progress so far. We ripped out...everything. Toilet, vanity, medicine cabinet, etc. (no shower in this one). We...
  3. 👨‍🌾 Gardening Forum
    It's really hard to explain so I have a picture to show instead, but the idea is if it's possible to create a moss that is placed sideways and have it in behind a clear glass? :vs_worry: If it works, how long would it last?
  4. Windows and Doors
    I recently bought new windows for a large addition deckside to our pool. I had visions of two large awning windows being used as pass throughs and had the contractor place them just the right height for a barstool conversation with someone outside I even made them extra large (manufacturers...
  5. HVAC
    I have a home and HVAC system only 2 years old. The unit does not cool. The condenser and fan do not come on. I have replaced the contactor, and it does not seem to have fixed the problem. I have checked the capacitor and it is fine. Also I checked the thermostat and it was working fine, I...
  6. HVAC
    My dog ripped the 2 control wires out of my outdoor a/c unit. i have no idea which wires are needed to make the compressor and fan work again. i understand that every installer may do things differently just looking for some direction on determining what wires may be used. or how to test which...
  7. Tools
    I found this drill for over half off. It looks like it has good reviews, but I figured asking people that know what they're talking about is the better bet. I recall hearing somewhere that Craftsman tools suck nowadays. Is DeWalt [still] a good brand? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. New Member Introductions
    Thanks for the opportunity to gain some know how from all who know.. I am 63 and a retired Merchant Seaman (Deck Department) and have always been a little handy at fixing things and Jerry rigging. ( making something work without buying a new part) Jack of all trades and master of one...
1-8 of 10 Results