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  1. Wall Furnace Replacement

    Have a second floor unit (725 sq ft) in a 3 story building. It's about 20 feet up to the roof where my flue winds up. I have a very old gravity wall furnace (natural gas) which gave out a few weeks ago. Tried to fix, but dead. Want to keep using the natural gas. Mini split install is out of my...
  2. Prepping an old furnace to paint it

    I sanded this with 80 grit sandpaper. Some of the paint fell away but some seems stuck like glue. I didn't paint it, so am not sure what kind of paint was used in each layer. I'm afraid to sand more if it scratches the metal. What do I need to use to get these rough patches smooth without...
  3. Vintage heater trips when running in HOT mode

    Hi everyone, I've an Intermatic Heatwave 1500W heater with me.The heater has 3 modes of operation: FAN, WARM(746W) & HOT(1490W). The heater functions pretty normal in both FAN and WARM mode. But the moment I switch to HOT mode the heater activates the thermostat and turns off quickly and turns...
  4. Problem with Electric Baseboard Heating

    Half of the electric baseboard heating in my condo went out and I called an electrician to fix the issue and he replaced the thermostat and relay that is connected to the 5 baseboards that stopped working. Unfortunately after turning the power back on the relay and circuit breaker tripped. After...
  5. Controlling Etched Foil Heaters

    I am trying to control the temperature of several etched foil heaters that are currently just on a ON/OFF switch (using solid state relays). I have spoken to several individuals and just would like to get more advice. I was recommended to use a rheostat (light dimmer) or a variable transformer...
  6. Heater Wiring

    Hello, I am new to this site and find there is a lot of good information and resources here. I have a electric car that I drive to work and am looking into putting a heater in it. Since the car runs on 48 volts, I am wondering if/how I can "rewire" a 110 volt AC heater to 48 volt DC. Is this...
  7. Have to replace 2 water heaters in house we're!

    We're buying our first house, in CA. Very excited! It's a remodeled house built in 1962, and it has two water heaters: a 30 gallon one near the kitchen side of the house, and a 50 gallon one on the bathroom side (the Master Bath also has a jacuzzi tub, if that's relevant). They're both over 6...