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  1. ducted mini split heat pump air handler orientation question

    I know there are DIY ductless heat pumps available, but I'm looking to retrofit a ducted system into the space designed for a downflow furnace in a manufactured home. I haven't seen any advertised DIY systems that are designed to mount the air handler in a downflow orientation. Even the MRCOOL...
  2. Pool Heat Pump Wiring

    I'm talking to an electrician about wiring my pool heat pump, and I'd like a second opinion on his plan. I'm in central Virginia. The pool is already installed with a 60A GFCI pool panel, so this is just the addition of a separately fed heat pump. The heat pump will be wired from the main panel...
  3. Goodman Condenser Fan Motor Part Number (tech tried to rip me off)

    Hi All! I had a tech come out today due to a fault being thrown by my Goodman 2-stage heat pump (split system). Code was for outdoor coil temp sensor. Tech indicated that condensor fan was not running at full capability when system was in high mode causing the condenser coil to over heat...
  4. Pool Heat Pump Tripping Breaker

    I have a Heat Siphon HP5.0 pool heat pump, about 12 years old. I recently changed the run capacitor and the unit was working well until the last couple of days. It's started tripping the breaker at some point in the day. Today I went out and put a meter on it while it was starting up...
  5. Heat Pump Repair - Validate that I'm not getting ripped off

    Hello all. I'm new to this forum and DIY in general. My wife and I live in Washington State in a rural area. Two years ago we had a brand new Trane 18i XL heat pump and Trane furnace (propane) installed. About three weeks ago, the heat pump stopped turning on. I started the diagnosis process...
  6. Nest 3rd Gen Learning - Installation

    We just moved into a new house, and was upgrading the thermostat from a "semi smart" RadioThermostat(brand name) which was working fine for heat and cooling. This thermostat utilized 4 AA batteries. Wiring on the original thermostat was as follows (C) - Brown (Rh) - Red (Y) - Yellow (G) -...
  7. HVAC Flow Reverser Solenoid Voltage is Wrong

    General DIY Discussions
    The second of my two Carrier heat pump units is not switching from heat to cool. I pulled the flow reverser valve actuation solenoid off to test it. It was not exerting any magnetic force on my screwdriver, but I noticed that the solenoid is getting a 24 volt signal as it should, when it is...
  8. Midea heat pump issues

    Midea heat pump with P4, P6 and LED issues My 4 year old Midea heat pump stopped working. I had a HVAC tech in and the diagnosed a failed compressor. The weird thing is the LED on both inside units are discolored. The Midea service desk says they have never seen this before. Any ideas? This LED...
  9. Optimizing Heat Pump with backup Oil Boiler

    Hello, I'm looking for some confirmation that I'm have the optimal configuration for my setup. I live in Maine and for the most part I exclusively use my Mitsubishi MUZ-FH15NA/MSZ-FH15NA to heat my house. However, between December and February we get some cold spells that can go into the...
  10. Installing a DIY Mini Split

    I'm thinking about buying a DIY mini split heat pump in my living room/kitchen. Are DIY systems manageable for 2 people who have never installed one before? Has anyone hired a taskrabbit for difficult installations?
  11. Heat Pump vs Gas Furnace + AC condenser: cost comparison

    Is anyone aware of a spreadsheet or online calculator to be able to compare a heat pump setup vs a conventional gas furnace + AC condenser setup? Ideally, with inputs for local utility rates, average annual hours of usage with average annual temperatures, and ratings for the heat pump and...
  12. Hybrid Hot Water heat pump install

    Good morning guys, I am replacing an A.O. Smith Pro Max 50 gal water heater due to it is leaking. We have a water softener and I never flushed it or replaced the anode rod. It lasted ten years. I am going with the Rheem Hybrid heat pump unit. I am going to use pex for the supply lines to the...
  13. hvac not blowing hot air anymore

    Hello and happy new year! since coming back from vacation, my hvac is not blowing HOT air anymore. everything was working fine before. it's blowing air now, but just when we increase the temperature, it's not producing HOT air. the thermostats are OK (they're all new from sep 2018), and...
  14. Heat Pump Reverse Valve

    My 6 year old heat pump stopped working (does not start at all) and started blowing fuse in air handler. Had tech out (who called another tech on phone for help) who said that reverse valve was stuck on heat and needed to be replaced. He indicated that he was getting L23 and L25 error codes...
  15. Undersized Heat Pump?

    I think I have an undersized pump, here are the specs and here is what I think happened.. I have two, 2 ton heat pumps; one for the main floor and for the second floor (~1300 sq ft each). The one on the main floor, however, also supports the basement (unfinished), for another 1300 sq ft...
  16. Trane XL824 Wiring for Heat Pump

    I've installed a new Trane XL824 after upgrading from a Trane 800 series thermostat. I have a basic single stage Trane heat pump with a GAM5 air handler and an aux heat kit. Everything seems to be working fine but I wanted to confirm the wiring since it is different than the old thermostat...
  17. Hi from Montreal

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, Glad to find a community that deals with the challenges of home improvement. I'm in the process of redoing the range exhaust ducting in my building as well as installing HRVs and relocating my heat pump. I'm sure I'll find good tips on this forum. Cheers, Ed
  18. E3EB-015H Blower Motor

    Hey all. Yesterday I started having an issue out of my E3EB-015H. We noticed after being gone all day that the blower motor was not running in the air handler. There was quite a bit of heat that had built up inside the wall compartment that the unit is in. No breakers were tripped and nothing...
  19. Heat Pump not heating or cooling

    Hi All, So I need some help with my heat pump. Right now the outside condenser is not turning on in either heating or cooling mode. A few days ago the low voltage 3A fuse on the control mother board popped and I replaced it. It popped once more about 30 minutes later, so I checked all...
  20. Main AC breaker tripping when auxiliary heat comes on

    I'm posting this on behalf of my dad. To sum up the problem, *sometimes* when the auxiliary heat strip comes on on his heat pump, the main 150A breaker in the AC panel trips. The heat pump is approx 15 years old with an auxiliary heat strip (I am not sure the kW rating, i'll have to obtain...