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  1. Building & Construction
    I have a lot of questions about a variety of subjects for this project. My plan is to replace all the masonite siding on my house, with help from my brothers, with 8" (7" reveal to avoid facenailing) hardiplank lap siding and harditrim. Its a tall task, literally, with the house going up 3...
  2. Carpentry
    I need to cut a lot of small 1.5"x3" slots out of Hardi Plank that is already mounted to wall, to hang shutters. What would be the best way? I'm thinking of using a multi tool with carbon grout plunge blade are something on that line. Any idea's on how to cut it are experience with my method?
  3. Painting
    I am going to be repainting the exterior of my house which has HardiPlank siding and cedar trim. Would it be better to use two coats of solid color stain (i.e. Sherwin Williams Woodscapes) or to use one coat primer (i.e. Bullseye 123) and one topcoat of paint (Sherwin Williams SuperPaint)? I...
  4. Building & Construction
    I have a 1 story house in central Texas, built in 83, brick on the front, and T1-11 on the rest. The T1-11 isn't in great shape, and I'm planning on replacing it with Tyvek and Hardiplank. I'm going to be installing the siding myself, and to keep the job manageable, I had planning on doing 1...
  5. Remodeling
    Hi all! I am new to the forums and would appreciate some ideas from others who have ran into a similiar situation. I have installed vinyl windows with an integrated J channel with every intention of installing Craneboard7 vinyl siding, but afterwards (windows already installed) I decided to go...
  6. Building & Construction
    I'm wondering if there are any good techniques for making HardiPlank seams, where two boards meet each other, as smooth as possible. I realize that one of the two recommended techniques is to abut them directly without a gap but with flashing behind them. But beyond that I'm wondering what else...
1-7 of 7 Results