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  1. Painting
    I finished building our new house and moved in on the first of the year and now that the weather is good I'm planning on painting soon. The siding is Hardie plank and due to various delay's has been up for near a year now on the south side exposed to the sun. I'm sure the primer is not good and...
  2. Windows and Doors
    Hi there, I'm wondering if there is a preferred type of material for affixing decorative exterior shutters to Hardie Board siding. Does it matter? I'm looking at these ones from Home Depot -
  3. Roofing/Siding
    Hello! I am in the process of building a new house and would appreciate some advice on fiber cement siding. In my area of Tennessee many siding contractors are using the Hardie-owned Cemplank brand fiber cement instead of the James Hardie Hardieplank product. Cemplank is considerably cheaper...
  4. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I am about to put up subway tile as a kitchen backsplash. The wall where the tile will be going is flat but there is some chipping paint, cracks and a few holes. I thought the best option would be to put up some hardiebacker and then tile over it. I am wondering if that is the best way to go or...
  5. Flooring
    We had a contractor come in for remediation work for black mold removal. After removing the infected pieces of subfloor, drywall, wood, and shower liner, we had him prep the upper walls of the tub/shower combo for tiling rather than purchasing and installing a new fiberglass liner. We also had...
  6. Building & Construction
    I am getting ready to side my home with Hardie Planks. When I Trim the doors on my back porch (covered aluminum porch with concrete slab) do I need to hold the trim board up 2"? If so, what suggestions do you have to fill that gap?
  7. Building & Construction
    I'm planning to replace my vinyl siding with Hardie plank on my home. It's going to be a big job ~3500 sq ft of siding. I plan to use the 71/4 siding with 6" reveal and understand most the installation techniques except what to do about ends of the plank without a stud or nailing block? My...
  8. Building & Construction
    Evening! I'm just getting ready to rip off the old cedar siding, tar paper, and aluminum windows to do a complete facelift to the exterior our our house in Vancouver, BC. I'm replacing them with Tyvek, vinyl windows, and Royal vinyl siding (a triple 3 profile in Harvard Slate). I have...
  9. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I plan on tiling my bathroom and using hardiebacker to do the job. I also plan on tiling my shower. Its already gutted, the walls I plan on tiling are already gutted so the next step is to get the hardiebacker and install that. The room behind the bathroom is a bedroom. Now the question is, do...
  10. Building & Construction
    does anyone know of any tools / rigs to help install 4x8 sheets of hardie panel? the panels are extremely heavy and hard to hold in order to get the 1/4" vertical gaps. i'm using the sierra 8 style, so it's important to also line the panels up so that reveals all match. thanks in advance.
  11. Building & Construction
    When installing Hardie board siding how important is the 1/2" or 2" gap on roofs decks flashings etc? I prefer the look of running it tight. Anyone have any experience installing it this way? I just started my first Hardie job and I have butted the siding against the shingles and decks for a...
1-11 of 11 Results