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  1. wall anchors without tightened screws?

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi, I need to hang a heavy bathroom mirror. I'd say it's at least 40 lbs. This mirror has a frame and the frame has built-in hangers that are designed to fit over the head of a screw. (like this: For hanging this, I can't put screws into studs because they don't...
  2. Where to find this simple bracket

    General DIY Discussions
    I'm looking for a simple bracket to mount a really heavy whiteboard on my cubicle wall. I know exactly what I want, but it doesn't seem to be out there. Can anyone help me find or maybe suggest how I could make without a metal bending break? The brackets should look something like this...
  3. Am I drilling into plaster and lathe?

    Drywall & Plaster
    All I wanted to do was hang some curtains. I've got a cheap mounting kit from Target, with screws and plastic anchors and I started drilling a 3/16" hole in the wall. I got about half an inch in with no problem and then I hit something hard. It doesn't feel like metal, but then I have limited...
  4. Free Hanging Stairs

    Hi All, I hope the following desription makes sense and I can take some pictures tomorrow if it does not. I am renovating a 90+ Year Old home. The stairs to the attic are constructed in three sections (3 Stairs, platform & 90 degree turn, 9 Stairs, another platform & 90 Degree turn, and 3...
  5. Replacing door tips needed

    Thanks everyone ahead of time. This is making me feel stupid but I tried to replace an exterior door, just the door. I got the exact same dimensions and I was able to hang the door on the hinges....but it doesn't close :( I noticed that the space between the door edge and the hinge on the...
  6. Hanging a heavy framed mirror with no hangers

    General DIY Discussions
    I have an old bathroom mirror that was framed by adhering the frame directly to the glass. Hence, when you see it from behind, all you see is the mirror, no frame edge. Here's the dilemma: I can't add hangers because there is no wood for them to screw into. I can't use plastic clips because...
  7. Gaps between sheets - new installation

    Drywall & Plaster
    I've got some gaps between sheets in my new ceiling install. My question is how much gap is acceptable before I have to pre-fill these before taping? The gaps are generally 1/4" - 3/8". If I need to prefill, what is the best material to use? Rock is 5/8" if that matters. Thanks in advance.
  8. re-hanging old door - hinge issue

    Hi, I've been stripping, painting and re-hanging some doors in a 50s apartment. For most of them I've been able to strip back the hinges to the bare steel, polish them and re-use, so it's been easy to rehang. But on these big double doors, the hinges are too rusted and crappy to salvage. I've...