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  1. Source for longer tool handles? (72" for hoe/rakes/etc)

    Gardening Forum
    I need a longer handles. I have searched my local stores and only found 60" as a max. When I try searching online most searches just direct me to "long handled tools" (general rakes/hoes) whereas what I want is longer handled tools. Does anyone know a source of longer handles - or even...
  2. Modern Entertainment Door Handles

    Interior Decorating
    Question - I have an entertainment with doors that swing up. I want to put the door handle on the middle of each of the 4 doors. My husband says that it needs to be mounted almost at the bottom, or it will be impossible to open. With the hinges that we installed, they are very light and springy...
  3. Broken Faucet Handle - Repair or Replace? [with Pictures]

    General DIY Discussions
    Hi everyone, I have a kitchen faucet, the handle of which is broken off. Any idea if this can be fixed with any glue or silicon? If yes, then which type of glue should I use? It's working pretty fine other than the handle being broken.
  4. Lock not retracting all the way

    Windows and Doors
    Hi there, Our front door has not been opening properly from the outside for some time now. I've figured out that it is due to the deadbolt not retracting all the way (see photos attached - the latter two are with me pressing down on the handle fully). I've tried putting some WD40 in the...
  5. uPVC window handle won't close window properly, how can I fix it?

    Windows and Doors
    The handle on one of my uPVC windows won't turn to keep the window shut. The window doesn't form a seal against the frame so it is getting cold in here! I've noticed that there's a small metal pin sticking out of the handle fitting. On another (working) window in the house, this metal pin is...
  6. Mobile Home Door Knob Removal...

    General DIY Discussions
    I live in a 10 year old double-wide trailer. Two of the bedrooms have dummy door handles, of which I was going to change out for locking handles. Problem is: door handle caps cannot be removed. they can be loosened but do not come off b/c of the door handle. i see screws but cannot get to them...
  7. Single Handle to Tub/Shower is Broken

    The handle to turn the water to my shower/tub off and on stopped working today. I got the water to turn off, but now the handle just keeps spinning in both directions and the water doesn't come on anymore. I thought if I kept turning it that it would eventually stop but it doesn't. If I could...