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  1. Electrical
    We have a half hot under the kitchen sink. It's not GFCI because you can't have a half hot GFCI, but under the sink is a possibly wet location. We're concerned that if there is a leak in the sink, and we don't know about it because it's inside the wall, we'll be electrocuted trying to use the...
  2. Electrical
    I have a wall switch, and there are three receptacles connected to it. The first receptacle in the series is half-hot (tab is broken), and the third receptacle in the series is half-hot, but the middle/second receptacle in the series is not half-hot, even though the tab appears to be broken...
  3. Electrical
    I have two outlets in my front room fully controlled by the main light switch. I would like to change these to half switched outlet so I can control the lights via switch without interfering with power to the TV. My basic question is whether this is something I can do by pulling out the...
1-3 of 3 Results