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grout stain

  1. Sanded Grout coming off causing gritty floor

    We installed the kitchen tile floor and used a mixed-in sealer vs water (we have 5 pets and a child). The color of the grout did not come out to our liking (or anything like the sample stick). So, a friend indicated he could grout over with an appropriate color. Now, it seems that additional...
  2. Polyblend 'Grout Renew' - any experiences?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    So I used a bunch of HD stuff to do my bathroom floor, and won't be again. The 'bone' colored grout was supposed to be almost tan in color, based on the plastic sample they showed us, but it's completely gray - like my driveway gray. I mixed the entire box of grout and followed the directions...