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  1. Graco Magnum Pulsation / Bad Pattern

    I have done some searches, but haven't found anything relative. Using Graco Magnum X5, 1/4" X 25' hose, SG2 gun, RAC IV 515 tip (Home Depot kit). Max orifice .015. Spraying Kilz 2 latex primer. Mfg specs: Tip: .015" - .021" , Thinning not recommended. Product is formulated for use at package...
  2. Graco Guy is here!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello! I'm here to help with any Graco Airless Sprayer related questions, specifically our Magnum product found in Home Center & Hardware stores around the U.S. I can help with our full assortment, and will be happy to provide recommendations based on your project needs. Don't hesitate to...
  3. best airless paint sprayer under $300

    I have 1500 sf of decking and 208 linear ft of railing to stain. I found out yesterday after taking 2 1/2 hrs for 15 LF, a roller ain't gonna do it. Since I have to re-stain the cedar siding on my single story, rather long house, it might be cost effective to invest in a airless paint...
  4. Graco Magnum dx removing Drain Valve

    SOLVED: Graco Magnum dx removing Drain Valve My Graco Magnum dx doesn't prime or spray, although the motor runs. I've removed and cleaned Inlet Valve, Outlet Valve, and Drain Fitting. But still the pressures on those three valves are too low to none. I'm guessing a problem with Drain Valve...
  5. Spray tips

    I am looking at buying a Graco LTS 15 from lowes. I am then going to paint my whole basement new construction in 3 colors. 1) White for the skip trow(sp) ceiling. What spray nozzle should i use? 2) Tan for main area and bathroom. What spray nozzle should I use? 3) Brown for 2 bedrooms...
  6. Graco 4900 HVLP unit

    I just bought a Graco 4900 pro-comp that is a year old and never had paint run through it. It looks like this unit is designed for uses a remote can so the gun can be held at any angle. Few of questions if anyone can help. 1. Can this gun be changed to use a pressurized cup instead of the...