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  1. Painting
    AudioEngine 5+ bookshelf speakers in gloss white, one dropped during move. Paint cracked and chip about the size of a penny. Construction material is high density MDF. Looking for advice on how to touch up the high gloss paint. Chip in on a front corner, highly visible, so I need to do it right...
  2. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    I need to replace some damaged cabinet faces. Does anyone know the company that makes this? It's thermofoil, high gloss white. I've searched the internet, but no luck so far... Thanks for any ideas.
  3. Painting
    We have some real wood paneling in our living room that I would like to paint. I started to rip it down, but it was glued to the drywall. It was a disaster! Rather then replacing the drywall or laying additional drywall over the paneling I would just like to paint it. I have filled the...
  4. Painting
    Hi, i am working on something at the moment. I was just wondering: When i go to paint my thing which is made out of wood by the way, how do you make the painted wood look shiny or glossy?
  5. Painting
    I just bought my first home and the seller's painted all the trim and door with latex paint over a high gloss paint without using a primer. Now you can bump into a door and the latex paint scrapes off. Is there a product that will penetrate the latex and bond to the gloss underneath. Then I...
  6. Painting
    Hello everyone! I've just repainted a room in our newly-purchased house. The walls had white flat paint; I repainted with a flat color. Unknown to me, some sections of the wall had been "touched up" by the previous owner with some sort of gloss. (I'm guessing semi-gloss.) The walls, on the...
1-6 of 8 Results