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gfci outlet

  1. GFCI outlet reset popping out, LOAD to outdoor light

    I have an outdoor outlet with GFCI. Via LOAD line, this outlet also supplies a lamp I have in front of my house, which has a photosensor to turn the lamp on at night. I noticed recently that the lamp was not coming on at night. Swapping bulb did not resolve the issue, and I confirmed 0V in the...
  2. Problem wiring GFCI outlet to AFCI Breaker

    I installed a new circuit for 3 countertop outlets in a kitchenette in the basement. These have already been inspected (WA State) and passed. 2 of the outlets on one side of the J box are 120v, 20amp outlets, and the one on the other side of the J box is a GFCI outlet. They are connected to a...
  3. First time GFCI install, line/load bound together

    Hello, I am replacing an old ungrounded receptical with a GFCI, upon removal of the old receptical i found that the Line and Load wires were electrical taped together and installed on the receptical. After removing the tape and wiring them in correctly on the new GFCI and restoring power i had...
  4. outlet tester question

    I have a combination GFCI outlet in the bathroom - it includes one three prong opening and one light switch. When the light switch is turned off, the GFCI outlet tester shows that the three pronged outlet is correctly wired -- two yellow lights. However, when I turn on the light switch, the...
  5. new GFCI outlet won't work

    I have a GFCI outlet in my bathroom that tripped when my wife was using a clothes steamer. It would not "un-trip" afterwards. So I bought and installed a new GFCI outlet, but it still won't work. Every other outlet/switch in my house still works. The outlet in question does not feed out...
  6. New place, no ground in room, expensive computer

    Hi Everyone, I live in San Francisco and am a graphic designer with a powerful computer. I am moving to a new location, and want to make sure the electrical situation is safe for my equipment and self. The building is a 2 unit flat, my unit will be the top floor. Grounding is coming into the...
  7. GFCI trips at the same time

    I have a GFCI in my basement that my computer equipment is connected to. I have a number of different pieces of equipment plugged in. Occasionally, once a week, I would get up in the morning and all my computer equipment would be off and I noticed that the GFCI was tripped. To help cleanup...
  8. GFCI outlet & electric smoker

    I can not use my electric smoker on a GFCI. IT always trips. Is that due to the concept of the wet wood on the element w/in the smoker? The smoker does not trip the breaker when on a drop cord from a regular outlet.