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gfci breaker trip

  1. Will broken off groung prong cause GFCI tripping?

    I have a gfci outlet in my garage that randomly trips, even with nothing plugged into any of the outlets it serves. I replaced the outlet and still have the same issue so that isn’t the culprit. I went around and checked all of the outlets and found in one of them a grounding prong that was...
  2. GFCI breaker tripping

    I have a sub panel in my garage the is fed from the Square D main panel in my house and I am attempting to install a Square D 20A GFCI breaker in the Square D sub panel. The GFCI breaker is going to replace a regular 20A breaker. The only items on this circuit will be 8 outlets. I have the...
  3. GFCI replacement

    Because a couple of 15A GFCI outlets that were originally installed in my home a few years ago kept going off, I thought I'd replacement them with a 20A. I installed one in my garage without a problem and the outlet there stopped flipping and things are working fine. I then replaced one in my...
  4. GFCI breaker tripping when T103 timer clock is wired

    I will admit right out of the gate that this is my first time working with GFCI breakers. This is a pool pump circuit that wired to the breaker and that was how the filter was turned on and off. I am installing the T103 timer and have wired it in the following manner. It is tripping the GFCI...
  5. 2-Pole GFCI breakers trip when anything plugged in

    Howdy folks. I just signed up for this forum, so be gentle. I'm not a complete newbie as I'm going to school for HVAC and I've worked on my home quite a bit. So here's the rundown: I have 2 dual-pole 15A GFCI Square D breakers that lead each to a split receptacle on either side of the kitchen...
  6. afci trips before gfci?????????

    I wired up some out side circuits 20amp gfci outlets with a 20 amp afci breaker when the inspector puts there test tool in the gfci the afci trips and not the gfci......both test normal when you push the test button and work fine under load,but inspector wont pass it. any ideas what could cause...
  7. Replacing kitchen gfci with gfci breakers-something's not right

    Hi all, this is my first post, kitchen was just renovated and the electrical outlets are on the walls and I wanted them in plugmold under the cabinet. Why didn't it happen? Long story, but I'm doing it myself now. The electrical receptacles are on 2 separate circuits with a gfci...