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generator interlock

  1. Portable generator: To Ground or Not To Ground

    The Internet has given me every possible answer to this question, so I turn to you, the experts. I have a Westinghouse WGen 7500 Watt portable generator. It is neutral bonded. I am connecting it to a Reliance 306 transfer switch. (Side question...electricians on the internet seem to treat...
  2. Generator Transfer Switch for Meter/Panel

    Hey everyone! I have a Cutler Hammer Meter/Panel Outdoor combo that feeds my interior panel with 200 AMP service. As you can see, it has the main breaker, and then two breakers in use, one for a GFCI outlet directly below the panel, and another for the RainBird Irrigation Controller, also...
  3. 15 amp fused disco infront of main

    I have an idea for my installation of a generator interlock at my cottage. I've wanted to install a transfer system and get a bigger panel, so this should solve my problems. The only issue I've thought of with the interlock is: How will I know if the powers gone back on? So I thought, why not...
  4. generator interlock wiring

    I installed a generator interlock kit on a 100AMP HO panel box. all circuits run fine using utility power. when I switch to Generator power all circuits work fine except for the sump pump. I ran 12/2 from the other end of the house where the sump pump is, to the main panel to a 20amp breaker. it...