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  1. Flooring
    I applied some gel stain to my treads (raw pine) after several iterations of sanding starting at 60 going to 220. My goal is to poly them after staining. It was not drying very well after 8 hours so I went to it with a rag dipped in mineral spirits until the surface was dry. There are still...
  2. Painting
    The top of the table has been stripped, sanded, and I attempted to stain it using General Finishes Gray Gel Stain. After applying the gel stain and immediately wiping the excess off, anywhere there is a knot it just slides right off as if I didn't apply stain. There are three knots. How can I...
  3. Painting
    Hi all, I'm looking to restain my staircase to a dark tone. I hate this 90's gold oak, it's hideous. I'm planning on using gel stain like General Mills and then a wipe on poly. I just want to make sure but I prep it the right way. I've heard you don't need to go crazy sanding when using gel...
  4. General DIY Discussions
    For [oil-based] staining of interior window trim - is it better to use liquid oil or gel where accurate edging is needed? Also, would cotton cloth be the best applicator?
  5. Painting
    We have solid wood, high quality but dated looking oak kitchen cabinets. I don't want to paint since have three active young kids. We considered polyshades, but the reviews haven't been very good. HomeDepot advised adhering polyshades with a paint sprayer - anyone try this? I've read some...
1-5 of 5 Results