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  1. Fence Gate

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have an existing 6' wood privacy fence. I would like to remove a section of the fencing and add a gate. The existing posts are about 8' apart. The area would not be easy to add another post hole. Is this even possible?
  2. Foot actuated gate lever/low gate latch options

    Building & Construction
    Hi everyone, im putting in a small front yard gate and am in need of some clever ideas on latches. The gate will be right against some thick ivy that I dont own, and dont want to run the risk of doing any serious damage by doing some heavy cutting and putting in a post with a classic gate latch...
  3. Shadow box fence gate building idea

    Building & Construction
    Hi, just finished building a shadow box fence. Now trying to figure out how the gates are built for a shadowbox fence. Looking online but haven't found any good picture that depicts the anatomy of a shadow box fence gate. the sides of my fence is built this way, 4x4 post. on the outside of 4x4...
  4. 11 Foot 1-Way Swinging Gate

    Building & Construction
    Hi Everyone: Looking for some input as my wife and I tackle one of my first and biggest challenges. We recently installed our own 6 foot privacy fence using PT dog eared pickets with our plan being to use the same pickets to create "trim" in the future. We live a craftsman-style home and are...
  5. Elite Miracle One Gate Operator Radio Receiver issue

    Until recently, all of our remote control devices could activate this gate opener from a distance of over 30 feet. Suddenly, the range is almost zero for all of the remotes. You literally have to stand right next to it. One parts salesperson suggested that I just need to replace the radio...
  6. Dog Gate Part 2 Video Is Up!

    Check out this video that displays how to assemble the second half of our dog gate. I appreciate the feedback, share with your friends and if you have any questions, feel free to ask!
  7. Crimping with swagging tool

    General DIY Discussions
    I have a gate with a pull type latch. The latch is activated by pulling a stainless steel cable. I need to attach this cable to the latch. I want to loop the cable through the latch where a hole is provided for this attachment. I need to crimp a ferrule onto the cable to accomplish this. I need...
  8. Large metal drive gate paint

    I need some advice on how to paint these. The gates are new raw mild steel. My options are to use on oil based rustoleum primer, followed by industrial rustoleum gloss. Or, a local body shop will epoxy coat them, them apply an enamel as a finish coat. Which will give the longest lasting results...
  9. wooden gate post installation

    Building & Construction
    I have an entranceway between my house and a wall. There's a concrete walk in the center with small patches of dirt on each side. I want to put a wooden gate across with the posts sunk in the dirt. This morning I dug down on the wall (hinge) side and hit the wall's footings 9" down. The...
  10. Help building a deck gate

    Hello! I need to build a gate for the staircase on my back deck to keep my two toddlers from falling, but I've run into a couple issues. We didn't build the deck, and, the previous owners seem to have done a "less-than-perfect" job on it. Here is a photo of the opening. It's a second floor...
  11. Seting posts for a stand alone wooden driveway gate

    Building & Construction
    Howdy knowledgeable folks. We're in Montreal QC wrapping up landscaping after major house renos last year and I'm looking for advice on a wooden driveway gate in the plans. The driveway is paving stone, almost 11' across, from a brand new foundation on one side (which was back-filled entirely...
  12. Dog proof door/gate/barrier??!!

    Windows and Doors
    Hi guys, I suppose I should be in the dog behavioral forum instead of DIY - but please bear with me. We have 3 dogs, they are not house dogs. They stay outside during the day if weather is tolerable, the rest of the time they stay in our unfinished basement, and occasionally upstairs with us. We...
  13. How wide of a gate to leave for future possible construction?

    General DIY Discussions
    Could someone please advise - what size (in feet or metres) of an opening / gate to leave for a personal property while installing privacy fencing if I will be building addition to the house in the future? Thank you in advance for your kind answer.
  14. Adding a Deck Gate

    Building & Construction
    I am a new home owner and would like to add two gates on a pre-existing deck so that I can enjoy sitting outside with my new dog without having her run around like nuts (considering we don't have a fence yet). I intend on putting in two simple Z framed gates. The deck itself connects directly...