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gas valve

  1. HVAC control board vs. gas valve?

    Hello, We have a 8-9 year old Goodman gas furnace (Model GKS90703BXAG) that stopped blowing hot air a few days ago. We had a tech come look at it, and he said that, at the very least, the control board needed to be replaced, but it was possible there could be another problem such as a broken...
  2. Turning off gas to Install gas shut off valve for oven

    General DIY Discussions
    I am needing to disable the gas to my house because the last owner apparently did not add a gas shut off valve to the oven. I have never done this and would like to not explode. I attached pictures of my gas water heater (pics 2 and 3) and the gas shut off valve on my AC unit (pic 4, I think it...
  3. Luxaire Furnace Not Lighting

    I have a Luxaire gf8050b12mu11a furnace that gave me a 7 red flash (failure to establish flame/no light condition) error on Christmas Eve. We cleaned the flame sensor and she fired right up. Last weekend it happened again so I cleaned the flame sensor and we were back in business for about 24...
  4. Amana/Goodman AMVC96 wont fire

    I have a Amana amvc960603 which has an intermittent problem where it wont fire the propane and then lockout due to excessive retries. The service tech has already replaced the gas valve and the burner orifices, but the problem remains. Sometimes it starts and works fine, other times ,wont fire...
  5. gas valve empire rh25-1

    The gas valve finally gave out on my empire rh-25-1 vented console heater. It is older(maybe early 1990's, but has been used sparingly over the years, first in a cabin, and in my garage for the last five years. consequently, it is in pretty good shape other than the gas valve is kaput. I...
  6. Carrier Gas Valve/Ignition problem

    Hi, I have a Carrier HVAC 48HJE014 unit for my business. We are based in Westchester County, NY. They are natural gas units. I recently replaced the heat exchanger (actually did it on two units) and it worked out very well. The one unit is acting a little weird, here are the symptoms: **when...
  7. Gas valve for old Glow Worm boiler

    Hi, I need to choose a replacement gas valve for a Glow Worm Spacesaver 38 (MkI) boiler (please don't laugh!). Any suggestions? Thanks. Nick
  8. Intermittent Pilot Stays On

    I don't want to fix this myself, but I do want to educate myself on the source of the problem before I call for a service tech. I have a Slant/Fin Galaxy GG125 boiler (installed 1985) that has an intermittent pilot light. At least, it used to be intermittent! For the past few days, the...
  9. transformer keeps blowing

    Hi I have a Williams wall furnace 4007732 that I bought used. The person that owned it said it was only used a day and they did not like it so they took it out and put it in the garage and bought a different heater for their use. It sat in their garage for a few years and I bought it. I have it...
  10. gas valve problem on Coleman 7663A mobile home furnace?

    Stepdad got home from hospital, and Coleman 7663A mobile home furnace has a lit pilot, but does not come on. 1st repairman said knob was not in full indent position, so pilot would stay lit, but not turn the burners on - 2nd said need a new furnace because of possible invisible hairline...
  11. how to test intermittent gas valve?

    I have a Trane gas furnace with a air-conditioning combination unit. The Trane gas furnace model is TDD140R960C5 around 8 years old. The furnace Controller is White Roger Emerson, Model 50A51-495. Yesterday, the furnace stopped working. I tested the furnace. I found after the thermostat turned...
  12. Stumped! Heil furnace.

    I've got a 15 yr old heil furnace with issues. The fan kicks on, the glow igniter turns on, the pilot lights, but the main burner will not kick on. The gas valve is a year old and the igniter kit is 5 minutes old. I replaced it because it made since that that might be the problem.(but its not)...
  13. American Standard Freedom 90; Burners would not ignite; 2 flash code

    I have American Standard Freedom 90; year 2004; When the power switch is on, the inducer motor would start, then igniter would start to glow. Then there is a click and when the burner is supposed to ignite- nothing happens. This sequence would repeat three times and 2 flash code would start to...
  14. Testing a Gas Valve

    My plumber took a look at the pilot flame of my gas furnace which wouldn't stay on, and then said that it was either the thermocouple or the gas valve. He didn't have time to take care of it then. I measured the thermocouple with my multimeter and I got 0.2-0.3 V. The plumber on the phone said...
  15. Furnace Conversion

    I am converting my Bryant furnace model 376CAV, from propane back to natural gas. I need the parts to convert the gas valve back to natural gas. The valve is brand new and was converted to burn propane when it was installed this summer. All of the kits go from NG to propane, not the other...
  16. Ducane furnace does not light.

    Ducane Furnace Model FP$B100A4B - It is a gas furnace, Horizontal. The furnace keeps going into gas valve lock out after attempting to light for three times. Each time I can smell gas so I know that it is getting gas. I removed the gas burners and check the electronic ignitor. I can see the...