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gas heater
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  1. HVAC
    This is for a rental unit with a gas wall heater that went kaput a few weeks ago. The contractor did the job and I was grateful since my tenants finally had heat during a cold snap. I have to do drywalling and took a closer work at the job. Am I overreacting or are these possible problems...
  2. HVAC
    First, it's a Whirlpool model NUGE105KG01. We've replaced many parts on it over the years, so much of it is new. The heater will come on, the blower motor runs, and then after a little time, the igniter lights and the flames start. Between 30-90 seconds later though, the flames go off. This...
  3. HVAC
    You can hear the noise in this video I've just bought the house so this is the first time i turn on the heat. Before that, I changed the thermostat to a HoneyWell Digital one. There was only 1 Red wire but there was no metal jumper connecting R and RC...
1-3 of 3 Results