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  1. Build vertical Vegetables garden

    Gardening Forum
    Hi guys, this year I wanted some tomatoes of my own production to eat, but I don't have space in the garden to make the vegetable garden. So I tried to steal some ideas on the web trying to recycle some old material I had. Given the result, next season they doubled production. Thank you and...
  2. Is this thyme or a weed?

    Gardening Forum
    Is this the German Thyme I planted or just a weed? First time planting thyme. Thank you!
  3. New here and just got a new home, so lots of advice will be needed

    New Member Introductions
    :vs_laugh: just saying hello to the community!
  4. My little diy irrigation system

    Gardening Forum
    Good evening to everyone. a bit of time not post anything, now I hope to please publish in my experience with my DIY irrigation system.
  5. Irrigation Pipe Exposed

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    I have a pvc pipe 5/8" in diameter that is only 2" below grade going over a small garden trench that is a total of 5" below grade. My question is how can I protect that pipe from not being broken by someone walking on it? I am open to filling up the trench but not sure how to reinforce it...
  6. climate controlled plant growing box (not for drugs)

    After watching some YouTube videos i had an idea. I live in a condo with little to no room in my "backyard" but i am somewhat of a green thumb, my idea is to build a plexi glass box and have it be able to simulate different climates to grow different plants not native to my climate area. to...
  7. Tips and Advice on Outdoor Gardening

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    Need some gardening advice or landscaping ideas? Find it here with our garden plans & expert tips?
  8. What's this black earth they sell in stores?

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    It's much cheaper than top soil and garden soil but is it any good? What can I use it for.. planting flowers, planting a garden, potting, levelling the ground? Does it hold water more than other soils it gives me that impression am I wrong?
  9. Complementing the Focal Point

    Garden Design Element Two – Line The line is an extension of the focal point and is related to eye movement or flow. In the overall landscape, the line is inferred in the arrangement of space and its divisions. The line is one of the structural aspects of landscaping mostly related to beds...
  10. Garden Design Element One – Focal Point

    Elements of Design When creating your own garden design ideas you should have an understanding of some basic design. This will help you to create a garden that is both practical and elegant. Design, like most other things is made up of components, I like to refer to them as elements. By...
  11. There's no such thing as a green thumb

    Or, if there is, you already have one. Many plants are easy to grow, and I can prove it. If you’re the kind of person who says that you can’t keep a plant alive, this blog post is for you. I’m going to talk extremely generally about “most” houseplants here, of course, there are exceptions to...
  12. DIY Home Composting

    Gardening Forum
    Hi All, I recently took a few minutes to build a home composter. I blogged about it here, but I've run into a problem. We live in the Bay Area, in a shaded community, and rarely does it get warm enough to bring the compost pile to an acceptable temperature. Does anyone have a suggestion as to...
  13. greetings from soggy Seattle!

    New Member Introductions
    Found this site while looking for fencing options (the kind to keep the cat in the yard, not the kind involving swords...), and it seemed like a great resource. I have owned my 1944 Cape-style charmer (read: small) for 11 years and have been lucky with the maintenance, but some of that stuff...
  14. Filling a raised garden bed

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    :yes:Hello, I am inquiring about how much of various ingredients do I need to fill my raised garden bed? The dimensions of the four beds that I had built are 4 x 8 and 2 feet tall. I would like any advice to this question. I would like to use these beds for vegetables and am unsure which...
  15. What type of weed is this.

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hey I was wondering what type of weed this is if its a weed at all and if I need to get rid of it. Now it won't let me upload my pictures so I will provide a description. It has a bushy bottom about 12'' in all directions long skinny asparagus like protrusions withe leaves between the joints...
  16. Connect Garden Hose to Water Heater Cold Water Inlet?

    I live in an apartment where the nearest water spigot outside is more than 100' away. Consequently, I would like to connect my garden hose to the cold water pipe of my hot water heater which is in my storage closet so I can water my plants. What is the best way to do this? I have not been able...
  17. Hello from San Jose

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. Just to be clear, I have a house in California, not Costa Rica! But I did live in Italy nearly 20 years so maybe I can bring some cultural diversity to the site. When I first married we were very poor and so we couldn't afford to hire professionals to fix things when they broke...
  18. yet another new project brings me here!

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    Hi All- I stumbled across this site this morning and I was impressed enough to join. thanks for being here! I am not a home remodeling professional, but I am definitely acquiring skills and each one seems to help me with the next, but I still have lots of questions. My current project (the one...
  19. creating a memorial garden from scratch

    Landscaping & Lawn Care
    Hi, I am a grieving grandma who lost my beautiful seventeen year old granddaughter on May 19, 2007. To work through my grief and looking for light in my darkness I have several things I'm doing: #! I started clearing brush around my yard, I live in the country... and then decided to make a...