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  1. Hanging 2 sheets of drywall for ceiling

    Drywall & Plaster
    I am in the process of buying a house and I plan to put in a legal secondary suite in the lower level. I want to improve the ceiling downstairs for sound as well as fire rating (fire rating easier than sound I believe). I don't believe there is insulation between the joists downstairs so I am...
  2. Load limit on furring strips, ceiling, residential metal construction.

    General DIY Discussions
    The end goal is to utilize the vertical space in my 9.5' tall garage for storage. The garage roof has 4 large steel "rafters" at 8' spans and there are metal furring strips attached to the rafters and the drywall is attached to the strips. The question is, how much weight can those strips...
  3. Help - plumbers/tilers didn't fir (fur?) out walls

    Hi there. I'm now going to call myself a noobie DIYer, since after the last few people we've hired, I'm planning on doing any and everything I can around the house I can :( My problem started with being a rent-to-own tenant, and having my father (not a fan of spending money) as a landlord...
  4. Drywall where plaster and lath were

    I am drywalling a brick basement wall where plaster and lathe had been. The brick wall has been sealed with water proof sealer so moisture is not a major issue but I am still leery of ignoring the possibility. There is existing wood molding attached to the floor giving me only 1.5 inches for...
  5. How to lower basement ceiling

    Building & Construction
    Hi, i am in the middle of my basement finishing project. The basement ceiling is split into two by a beam. On one side of the beam, the ceiling is clean .. no plumbing or wires, just install furring strips and good to drywall. But on the other side i have pipes running perpendicular to the...
  6. Insulation help.

    Building & Construction
    We recently purchased a home that we are remodeling. The frame is 2 x 4 walls. The home has been almost completely gutted. We are looking for the best way to add insulation and increase the r value. The home is 2 stories. We removed all of the drywall and will be replacing it. The walls...
  7. HELP! Has anyone heard of "furred" drywall texture?

    Drywall & Plaster
    My painter claims that he is unable to get a uniform finish on my walls in my basement because he says that the drywall texture was not sanded enough so it is "furred". He says that the only way to remedy the problem is to spray enough coats to cover it. The problem I have with his statement is...