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furnace control board

  1. Rheem Gas Furnace Board Question

    My RHEEM Furnace's Gas valve is not turning on. I checked the voltage across the Valve and it reads 13.9 V immediately after I turn the unit on and once the igniter ignites it still reads at 13.9V . The valve requires 24V to open. Question should the voltage across the valve not be 0.0 V...
  2. Goodman Packaged Unit Heating Problem

    Hi, I have a Goodman packaged unit outside (AC/heat), model gpg1336090m41ad. Early in the morning we realized the heat wasn't working. My thermostat (Nest gen 3) indicates that it is heating, however cold air is being blown through the vents in the house. I've done some troubleshooting and...
  3. Goodman Gas Issue

    I just moved into a home built in 2006 with a Goodman CHPF4860D6AA furnace. All worked fine during the first month, but as luck would have it she no longer fires up and provides the heat we so much love this time of year. Here's what I know so far: When the thermostat kicks on, the inducer...
  4. new furnace control board same problems?

    Hello guys and gals, I have an old york diamond 80 furnace that was not running when started the first time after the summer. voltage was being supplied where it was supposed to be, the call for heat was there, but it wouldn't even begin to turn the inducer motor. A couple times, when...
  5. Trane XE78 Furnace coupled with Trane 1000 AC

    Trane XE 78 furnace coupled with Trane 1000 stopped working all together after running the AC one time. Everything worked overnight but stopped by the next morning. Wife heard a noise come from the AC unit (she says) that night. The furnace has the LED indicator that has no flash. No blower fan...
  6. Lennox G26 Furnace

    The furnace control board has no activity on it's LEDs. I have no command of heat, cool, or fan. I started with resetting the breaker, then tried a new digital thermostat. I also tried attaching the thermostat to the furnace with a new piece of 24" wire to try and eliminate a short. I checked...