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  1. Electrical
    Recently the main fuse panel was replaced with a circuit breaker panel. Then it got cold and the gas forced air furnace tried to start. The 15A breaker tripped but the time delay fuse in the circuit near the furnace held. Resetting the breaker the one time has worked so far. But I am curious if...
  2. HVAC
    I have a Olsen Duomatic gas furnace with a Honeywell igniter board and Honeywell gas valve set up to be a downflow furnace. The old inducer motor died so bought new one with exact same specs. Also replaced the Inducer Relay; ignitor board, spark ignitor. Now when power is turned ON the inducer...
  3. HVAC
    Hi there, Okay. My furnace comes on when it is supposed to and heats the house appropriately. After it sounds like it has shot off, it seems to reignite as if it wants to start up again. Recently it started trying to reignite twice. It's very strange and a bit concerning in a house with three...
  4. HVAC
    American Standard Freedom 90 VS furnace (city natural gas supply) model AUY100R9V4V0 SN N411SX47G Furnace has a problem with all burners lighting. When call for heat is presented, ECM motor blows properly, igniter turns on & glows bright orange, gas control valve opens, and flame starts at...
  5. Electrical
    should i have a 15 or 20 amp for my gas furnace? It is a Goodman 69k btu, does not say in the manual or in the blower cover only thing it says is 115v with over current protection Any help would be could thank you
1-5 of 5 Results