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  1. Electrical
    just moved in, was setting up my tv upstairs (honey was downstairs watching the game on his tv... directv) I have cable (yes we have both). his tv, ps3, satellite set top box and one of my cable boxes are plugged into a large power surge protector downstairs. So Upstairs i had a small power...
  2. Electrical
    I lately encountered a melted cable in a new construction. And can't really figure out why. Hoping ya'll got some idears. Story goes like this. A friend of mine had three different people work on her new house new electrical installation. After walls we're covered one of those guys was trying...
  3. Electrical
    Last night, I came home and noticed that certain areas in my home had no power, bedroom and living room outlets. I figure out a breaker as tripped. I tried resetting them by flipping two switches on one breaker and I seen a spark and my wife said she her a pop. She went to get her dad, since I...
1-3 of 3 Results