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framing load bearing

  1. Issues with (Suspected) Shoddy Foundation Replacement

    Building & Construction
    I have a historic home in Southern California that needed the brick foundation replaced. I'll preface by saying that the foundation work has already passed city inspection. However, I'm having some major apprehension about the quality of work and am waiting on the final payment until I'm...
  2. Installing windows above windows

    Windows and Doors
    Hi all, I'm building an 18x12 monopitch cabin with a 12' tall wall on one side and I want to place a large 8' window in the center of the 18' wall. So it would be ~5' from each end. I also want to install 2- 6' windows above the lofted area on the same wall. The 6' window's trimmer/cripple and...
  3. Expanding Garage INTO house (goodbye Den)

    Building & Construction
    I've just been offered to buy my first home (a two story 4/2 3400 sq/ft demo home from a near bankrupt builder). It's an exclusive deal at a great price. The only downside is that it currently has a one car garage - which when you're used to parking 2 cars in the garage + having a small work...
  4. Crawlspace Posts and Pillars

    Building & Construction
    Hello, The inspection of a home I am considering revealed two posts that are pretty far off center on their pillars in the crawlspace (see pic below). Of the many posts and pillars in the crawlspace, these are the only two that are off and it looks like it was just a construction error and not...
  5. How tight is too tight for a new basement wall?

    Building & Construction
    My basement is ICF walls that I'm attempting to refinish over the coming months. I started with a small closet around my electrical box and I did the method where I put the header and footer into place then measured the studs, cut them, then toe nailed them in. Turns out I'm horrible at toe...