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frame wall

  1. New basement wall and platform on sloped concrete

    The basement floor slopes (about two inches) parallel to the outside wall and perpendicular to the wall, down and away from the wall. I need to frame the wall, then build a two foot deep, about four inches high and the length of the wall, which is 12 feet long. Pre-assembled cabinets will be...
  2. New addition

    Building & Construction
    Hi. I am trying to build a new kitchen area inside a warehouse. It will be built in an empty space. I do have 2 existing walls. I will need to frame 2 walls. One will have a door. I also need to build a ceilng on this. Nothing will be on top. The addition will be 106" x 94". The longest side...
  3. Replacing part of exterior wall

    Building & Construction
    Due to damage and rot, as well as discovering that the brick veneer has an inadequate footing under it, I am removing a 16 foot section of an exterior wall, pouring a footer and then framing a new wall which will be finished ultimately with siding. I'll have a temporary support wall holding up...