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foundation wall
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  1. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have started a rather large remodel on a re purposed brick church. the basement is deep under ground and only the top 2 ft of the 12 ft high walls are above ground. I have exposed the brick on the interior of the foundation walls, which was covered by an inch of plaster. I would love to clean...
  2. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi All. I posted this under the "Building and Construction" section...I guess I should've read down a bit farther and found the section relating just to concrete!! Hopefully someone here might have some insight.. Hi All, I am in the process of having a new home built. We took the family out...
  3. Painting
    What kind of paint do I use to paint the exterior foundations walls?
  4. Building & Construction
    Hello, I started building a block wall using 8x8x16 inch standard concrete blocks. This wall goes under the corner of my house with no real access from the inside. However, I would like to put some of the house weight on this new section of wall but I'm not sure what a good way to do this...
  5. Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    Hi Everyone, I'm not sure where to post this question, figured I'll try here first. After a lot of rain last night the ground was fully saturated and I noticed water penetrating my foundation around where my water main pipe enters the house. I'm preparing to finish my basement and obviously...
1-5 of 6 Results