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  1. Non Structural Non Load Bearing Block Question

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I have an existing garage that the back side is below grade. There are 4 exposed blocks on the inside from concrete floor to sill plate. There are no problems, no water, no seeping etc. The existing garage/ damp proofing acts as it should. I would like to cut in a door to the backyard and...
  2. How does one backfill deck piers with form tubes

    Building & Construction
    The Scenario: Holes, for footers, have been dug out with an auger to a depth of about 48 inches. The bottoms have been flared out an extra few inches. A few inches of crush stone was added and concrete was poured. Just before the holes were filled, a ~24 inch section of round form tube was...
  3. Basement Exterior Footer Drain Tile Cleaning

    I live in a 1950 ranch style home. Several years ago I had two sides of my home dug up and the exterior basement clay drain tile was replaced with plastic type pipe. Now, one of the two remaining basement walls is showing some damp spots on the wall. The outside ground slope looks correct so...
  4. Precast concrete footers

    General DIY Discussions
    Hello I want to construct steps 34 inches down from a sunroom to the grass below. I want them to be free standing as my house is new and would prefer not to pry off siding and attach a ledger board. My thought process is to burry these precast concrete footers with 4x4 impressions in the top...
  5. Column Footer Replacement

    Building & Construction
    In my 160 year old Folk Victorian with a field stone and granite foundation I have just finished a new internal weeping system with two sump pumps. Now that the spring rains are rerouted outside instead of floating the storage containers in the basement, I have to replace the crumbling brick...
  6. How to proceed with footer and cold joint

    Concrete, Stone & Masonry
    I saw this yesterday (see attachment). Looks like they ran out of concrete for this interior footer. This footer is for one of the walls of the staircase that goes down to the basement (rambler with a basement). There is rebar in it, but I'm worried about the area where the concrete isn't...
  7. Replacing part of exterior wall

    Building & Construction
    Due to damage and rot, as well as discovering that the brick veneer has an inadequate footing under it, I am removing a 16 foot section of an exterior wall, pouring a footer and then framing a new wall which will be finished ultimately with siding. I'll have a temporary support wall holding up...
  8. Pier on slab

    Building & Construction
    Here is my problem. I have land with a 30 x 40 ft slab on grade. Top is even with soil. I want to use this slab as pier foot pads. Code guy said I could dig a footer on 2 sides, cut slab and inset the other 2 footers. that woild leave the existing slab floating. Can't find out if wire or rebar...
  9. Deck footers near house

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I'm building a free standing deck next to the house. Unfortunately this makes me end up with a row of footers close enough to the house to be in the basement backfill area. My house is 3 years old. I'm looking for a sanity check... With my post hole digger, I can get down to 5 feet...
  10. Connect Post to Footer with ACQ lumber

    Building & Construction
    I am wanting to know what to use to connect a footer to post and post to beam on a deck when using ACQ (chemical used in the wood) pressure treated lumber. The company does not have a specification sheet. I am concerned that galvanized nails and galvanized strap on this severe weather pressure...
  11. Footer Requirements

    Building & Construction
    Does a 10x22 out/storage building (normal 2x4 construction) with a concrete floor require a footer?
  12. Slab, footer, block, insulation, vapor barrier & me!

    Building & Construction
    HELP would be so appreciated. I'm building a 12x20 art studio/office in central WV. I want it to be warm and dry, and, I only want to do it once, so I want to do it right. The location ground is solid and not damp. The Amish will build this - they have put up two cabins for us, but they built...
  13. How far from egress should I place a footer

    Building & Construction
    I am planning on adding an addition, to my house that has a 9’ basement. The addition is going to have a 32” crawl space. The addition will be heated by ducts running under the crawl space. The crawl space will be accessible through a hole cut in the basement wall, which should provide...
  14. quikrete deck forms

    Building & Construction
    I am using quikrete concrete mix for deck footers. How long after I pour the footers, can I actually start building the frame on them?? I was thinking a day, but do I need to wait until they totally cure? The footers are 3feet deep, 8in wide. Also note, I wont actually put the rest of the...
  15. Sizing pier footers for house.

    Building & Construction
    Hello, I am going to build a small cabin 26' X 40'. One story wood. cabin will have a center beam 3-2x12s(for floor). frost line is 12" and ground is rated 2000 psf. tallest pier will not be more than 8 feet. I would like to use sonotubes. Maybe someone can help me with the spacing and sizes...