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  1. Toilet flushing problems

    We have a fairly new toilet in our home we just recently installed and we are having problems flushing. If no one has used it in a while it will flush just fine but if you flush it again soon after the bowl will just fill up with water and it will not flush. After it has been flushed once we...
  2. Toilet Rim holes not working

    I have read 3 pages of threads talking about toilets that are not completely flushing and nothing is helping. Maybe I need to specifically ask my question for my specific issue. I have a Kohler toilet with a siphon jet at the bottom. When I flush with a full tank, ( to the top of the overflow...
  3. Am I flushing hot water heater properly?

    We have a gas domestic hot water heater in the basement. About a year ago the original plastic flush valve failed so we had it replaced with a brass one. When they removed the old valve a bunch of soft white-ish pellets gushed out, which I assume was calcium. Obviously I hadn't been flushing...