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  1. Dimming ceiling lamp without dimming cable

    Hello hello! First time poster here, happy to join the community! I'm having a little bit of a electrical situation, and would love your lights on the matter. I have a very beautiful fixture hanging from the ceiling, which currently has 2 T5 HO tubes in it. These are fluorescent, yet dimmable...
  2. debugging: shoplight + electronic T12 ballast + F40T12 bulbs

    summary: Grounded shoplight fixture mounted in apartment kitchen, had 2xF40T12 bulbs and noisy T12 ballast, replaced with rapid-start electronic T12. Good light for ~6 weeks, then severe dimming. Replaced bulbs with known-good pair of same kind F40T12. Good light for 2 weeks, then dark. Switch...
  3. Fluorescent Light Strips Rough In - Outlet box or hole in drywall

    I'm about to start doing the rough in for the ceiling light fixtures in the garage. I will install fluorescent light strip fixtures and I was wondering what most of you prefer doing for the rough in. I have two options in mind; 1) Staple the wire to a stud and make a hole in the drywall and...
  4. Installing a Fluorescent light

    In my 1 car garage, I only have 1 bare bulb light. Its barely enough to see in the garage, even with a 100-150watt bulb. I would like to either install an outlet in exchange of the bulb fixture and hang 2 separate shop lights and plug them in, or hardwire an 8ft 4 bulb fixture. Thing is, I...
  5. incandescent fixtures banned?

    I have a question related to the upcoming laws that will effectively ban incandescent light bulbs (at least in their current form). I understand that stores will continue to sell compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs with both the "old" threaded style base (so they are compatible with existing...
  6. Semi-Permanent outdoor lighting

    This will probably be the most weirdest question on the forum, but..... I have many events during the spring/summer/fall in the yard and need some lighting in a few places. There are trails in our deep woods and event areas thoughout. I recently got (5) 2ft and 4ft regular fluorescent...