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floor leveling

  1. Self leveling compound on underlayment with expansion gaps

    Hi there, We recently ripped up our old carpeting and OSB underlayment to find 2" x 8" plank subfloor. Overall the subfloor is in pretty good condition. We also just laid down new 1/2" plywood underlayment with a 1/8" expansion gap. In the next couple of weeks we plan to lay down new vinyl...
  2. Bozo builder decision?

    Building & Construction
    I recently added a new 2-story addition to expand a master bedroom in a 1930 house. The existing bedroom floor had a -0.7 degree slope over 9 ft from an hall entry. This translated into about 2" difference. Guess what the builders did? A. constructed new addition floor to meet hall entry level...
  3. level concrete without removing asbestos tile

    I own a rambler that was built in the 1950's and is slab on grade so the subfloors are all concrete. An addition was put on in the 1980's that is also slab on grade. In total there is about 1600sf of concrete floors that I would like to flatten so I can install a floating engineered wood floor...
  4. Installing Allure Trafficmaster Tile- How to prep subfloor?

    Tiling, ceramics, marble
    I am replacing the flooring in my home office with Trafficmaster Allure Tiles. I've removed the old carpet, pad, tack strips, staples and tacks from the plywood subfloor. The surface of the plywood is dented, rough, and uneven. Also, some of the edges of the 4x8 sheets were "raised" (or...
  5. Reuse Mud Bed or Replace with DuRock?

    I am new to the site and new to flooring. We are putting a combination of 20*20" and 13*13" tiles in our entry way. I removed the existing small tiles that were laid in the mid 70's and am wondering how I should proceed. Do I add a leveling agent over the existing material, or do I remove it...
  6. Floor Leveling Help Please

    Building & Construction
    Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this post. I have a farm house that was built around the 1930's. I would love to level the floor but not sure what way I should go with this repair. I was going to remove the subfloor and go from there but the people that owned it before me just...