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  1. 4x4 floor joists

    I'm hoping to use 4x4 (nominal) wood beams as living room floor joists, but none of the online span tables/calculators seem to handle 4x lumber. Maybe an engineer type, carpenter, or internet sleuth can help me. My clear span is 9'5", and I'd like the joist spacing to be no less than 16" o.c...
  2. Level floor joists in 95 yr old house. Jack or not to jack?

    Building & Construction
    Hi, Working on a 1923 1 story bungalow in Portland. The floor slopes about 2 inches from middle of the house (from wall with plastic covering doorway in pic) to the front. There are (2) 2×8 12′ spans supported where they meet by post and beam. The first span from the wall with plastic...
  3. Boring for PEX in Floor Joists?

    I want to run PEX through my floor joists. The plumbing inspector said to go 3" and 5" from the top of joists with hot above cold. This make sense when running along the side a joist but I probably shouldn't be drilling one hole above another when running perpendicular and through my 2x8 floor...
  4. Beam size for 30' span, 8' stringers either side

    Building & Construction
    Hi, this is my first post/question here. I have been asked to help replace a large section of floor in a local church that my parents belong to. Its a small church that cant afford to pay for a big contract job. They are hoping that several members of the church can do the job basically for...
  5. Attic knee wall and floor joist insulation

    Hello, I have a cape cod style house in Richmond Va. with essentially 1/2 sqft. on the 2nd floor than that of the first floor. The north side 8ft. knee wall/ attic space is accessible but the south is not. I am getting a new heat pump & air handler installed soon. While investigating the...
  6. dry rot - how much can I get away with (if any)?

    I removed a set of exterior stairs and discovered some dry rot. I removed siding surrounding the dry rot until I could see no more damage. I then cleaned out the dry rot. 1) What kind of professional should I be seeking help from? 2) If I were to do it myself, what would my options be? a)...
  7. kitchen floor joist load estimation with new countertop

    Building & Construction
    Hi, I am planning to install A silestone countertop in my kitchen. The countertop weighs about 650 lbs (25lbs/sqft). My floor joists are 1.5 c 9 in at 16 in o.c. and about 1st long. I don't know the wood type, but the house was built in 1952. There are no large pipes going through the...
  8. Floor Support for a Walk in Shower

    Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
    Hey All, Thank you in advance for the responses: I have installed a shower pan using concrete, membrane concrete. It is a 3'x8' walk in shower. To get the proper leveling I used equivalent to 3" of concrete base (x11 60lb) bags or 660 lbs of concrete. The floor joist are 2"x8" and (guessing)...
  9. New construction of second floor, would 2x8' be okay to use instread of 2x12'?

    Building & Construction
    We have bought a high school gym and we are making it our home. It has great bones. We are going to build a second floor and was thinking that it would be ok to use 2x8 floor joist instead of 2x12 floor joist, What do you think?
  10. Is sagging floors causing wall to ceiling seperation?

    I need to repair my mother's raised ranch. The problem is the 1/8" gap between the wall and ceiling in the bathroom and shared walls in that area. There are no trusses, just rafters, so I know it is not truss lifting. I think that it has more to do with the "handy work" done when the bathroom...
  11. How do I install insulation to floor joist setting on a concrete slab

    Building & Construction
    I had a new addition put on a few years back 24' X 24' sits on a concrete slab and the other 24' x 24' is over a crawl space. They didn't insulate either except for the walls of the crawl space. It is very hard to access the slab portion from the crawl space. The qustion is how do I know go back...
  12. raise my floor? (new joists over old subfloor?)

    Building & Construction
    Hi, In our 1915 house, our diningroom is 11 inches lower than the rest of the first floor. As a result, the full-height unfinished basement beneath that room is 10" lower than the rest of the bsmt, so you crack your head all the time there. Can I run new 2x10 joists (rated OK for the 14'...
  13. How to Fix a Raised Floor Joist??

    Building & Construction
    I just pulled up some old carpet in my living room to replace with tile, and noticed that I have a floor joist that has risen and caused a crackline in the subfloor. It is not a bad spot and was not even noticable when the carpet was down, but I'm concerned that the tiles along this ridge will...
  14. spongy/springy loft floors

    General DIY Discussions
    We had a cabin built 3 years ago. This winter as the humidity went down and wood shrunk the floors in our loft are really springy. They are supported by 6X6 white pine beams, 24" 0C with a span on 16'. The floor is a single layer of 3/4" tongue and groove pine boards. I am looking for...
  15. Basement windows above floor joists

    Building & Construction
    Hi everyone, I'm framing my basement and need some advice. Against one exterior wall, the builder put in two small windows. The glass measures 7" x 24", so they don't let in very much light. About 1 foot in from the windows, an I-beam runs the width of the room, across both windows, further...